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wires brake and can bmw x5

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In pictures and instructions of  "WIRECOLOR"  do not match the colors of wires CAN and of wires brake...who to believe?
asked Nov 19, 2016 in BMW by G M (3,930 points)

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There's pictures there so whatever X5 we had when wirecolor was done had those colors. 

It is very possible though that vehicles can have different colored wires depending on where they were built. 


There's a way to test the brake switch by process of elimination:


  • Do not use the 10V brake signal
  • Do not use the GND wire (should be brown)
  • use the IGN and the BRAKE(12V)

Orange and Orange/Blaack go to the BRAKE 12V wire.
Pink and Pink/black to the Ignition wire.

answered Nov 19, 2016 by Robb (234,130 points)
Thank you...and, on the second and 3 rd question (turbotimer and evo-all programming procedure) which are the answers? I'm sorry for so many questions...

Turbotimer? There's no turbo timer on the evo-all. The remote starter though most likely has a feature for that.


The CAN-Wires i am not sure what color they can be in your vehicle but they should be located in the same place as we indicate. Wires are a twisted pair. They may actually be:

  • orange/green & green (on E70 bodies)
  • yellow/red & yellow/brown (on F15 bodies)


The programming of the EVO-ALL is not in the INT-BMW2 installation guide. It should be there, im not sure why we didnt put it there. :(  

in any case, follow this procedure, it's the standard canbus programming procedure: