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INT-BMW2 - Need a breakdown on how the brake wires function during remote start sequence.

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I'm trying to solve the no start issue on a 2006 525xi using an EVO-ALL & INT-BMW2.

After checking my wiring several times, I feel I need to understand how the brake circuit on the INT-BMW2 module works before I can further troubleshoot.


In the image below, I highlighted the stock function of the factory brake wires.

A) What I need to know is a breakdown of what each of the 4 brake wires from the INT-BMW2 module are doing during the remote start sequence.


So something like this:

Ingnition on: Brake X &  Brake Y @ 12V.

Starter on (accessory off): Brake Y @ 12V, Brake Z @ 0V.

Engine running: Brake X & Brake Y....


B) Also, can I get the actual pin numbers & their corresponding colors for the 14-pin connector on the INT-BMW2? Just want to confirm all the wire colours are in their appropriate pin location.

asked Apr 20, 2016 in BMW by Hamid Afridi (160 points)

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The pin positions and numbers are on the INT BMW2 guide on page 5, If you look closely there is  a small number 1 right next to the Lt. Blue/Black wire, this is Pin number 1 and Yellow/Black is Pin 7.  On the other row, Lt. Blue is Pin 8 all the way to Yellow which is Pin 14.


I will try and get the breakdown of the functionality of the brake wires, we have had a lot of people call about the INT-BMW2, and most issues were related to either connection issues or Car related as in client inside vehicle during testing (motion sensor), testing too fast, car has to sit for a few minutes after locking/arming before other commands are sent.
answered Apr 20, 2016 by Rico (54,260 points)
we watched your videos and a couple of things dont make sense.

In theory, you should not be able to remote start the vehicle while manually pressing on the brake pedal for a couple of reasons.

1. if everything was connected properly, pressing on the brake should not work since we open both brake wires.

2. if for some reason the brake wires are not being held open, then in theory pressing on the brake should shut down your remote starter via the analog brake input wire.


One test you can perform is , Put ground on the blue ground out when running wire of the int-bmw2, then manually put a 12v signal on the yellow black accessory wire to simulate acc being turned on, then removing it should crank the vehicle over (int-bmw2 reads the voltage drop from ACC during crank as a signal to crank the vehicle over) once vehicle starts reconnect the 12v to ACC yellow black wire.

I took pictures of the brake wires, in case I was blind to a wiring mistake. And yes, I did place the brake switch back into its slot.




Okay, I took a video of manually jumping the GWR & ACC signals. Same simptoms as before.... just as I remove the ACC signal, the starter makes a noise for a split second, then nothing.


Also not shown in the video, I did the same test again while pushing the brake pedal and it started the engine. But then the engine kept running when I took off the GWR signal... Had to toggle the GWR & ACC signals before the car shut off again.



The other (brown) wire beside the orange is the brake sense input from the R.S.

On the right there is only one wire connected (looks like two from the angle of the photo). It is the pink/black, the tone of the pink may look a little different as I had to extend the length using some spare wire I had.


Edit - Here's a another view.

Could you try this other test,

1 Ground on the GWR

2.12v on ACC wire

3.12v on IGN wire wire

4. remove 12v on ACC wire until vehicle cranks over

5. reconnect 12v on ACC wire when vehicle is running.

Thank you,

p.s. if after this test vehcile reacts the same, do you have another int-bmw2 module to test with?