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INT-SL+ will not finish programming. The led does not turn off during programming (2002 GMC Sonoma)

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I am trying to program INT-SL+ on 2002 GMC Sonoma however, when I get to Step 8, I start the vehicle as instructed but the LED never turn off. Just keeps flashing. I have tried several things - using the most recent firmware, old firmware. I tried Data-link, hard wired, I have double checked that the wiring is correct. Any advise on what I can do? Service number 002102 086504
asked 2 weeks ago in GMC by ERIC (400 points)

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The firmware you are on now (3.06) or firmware 0.53 will work for this truck, as long as the vehicle has no immo/starting issues to begin with.


Verify voltage is present at the 14 pin connector on the pink wire with the key on and that it goes to 0 with key off.


J-1850 voltage should vary depending on how busy the network is, again should be checked at the int-sl to make sure its reaching the module.


Lastly power and ground.


I know some of these old trucks get radios swapped out in them and they do not terminate the network properly, which can impede module programming.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (182,540 points)