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I AM connecting external trigger to open the left gate in my RAV4 2018 PTSmwith evo-all and t hrness.

1-which wire do i need to ((trigger)) as GND to open/close the lift gate?

2- wish wire will give me the ((feedback)) confirmation if it is opened or still closed?

3-will i need to modefiy options? which to enable or disable?

fyi .. i am using A2,A3,A13 TO LOCK/UNLOCK/START-STOP

AND GREE A4 , WHITE A5, WHITE/RED D6  AS feed back confirmation of lock, unlock, started...etc

- so i am missing the same for my liftgate

ur reply is much appreciated
asked 3 weeks ago in Toyota by dksfj lvcnmbv (290 points)

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There is no analog trunk output wire on the evoall unless specified in the guide.


The external trigger is an input, not an output. Techs can use it as a trigger to start the vehicle.
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (237,100 points)