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Remote Start 2004 Hummer H2

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What do I need to buy, so I can get remote start of a 2004 Hummer H2? Its the first time using Fortin, so we dont have Flash-Link updater or anything from Fortin. I am electrician, so wiring should be ok. There are no other sales office of Fortin in Norway.
asked Jul 16 in Hummer by Frank Hope (150 points)

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EVO-ONE + any compatible RF-KIT.

-- Flash Link Updater required in order to setup the firmware and unit settings of the EVO-ONE for the vehicle it is being installed in




Passlock SL2-V2 bypass module + Any known brand remote starter device (such as Viper, Compustar etc...). 



EDIT... This is all assuming that the models in Norway or the same as in North America when it comes to the Passlock system. 

answered Jul 16 by Robb (237,100 points)
Thank you for the answer. Car was imported from US in 2006, so its an North Amercan car. I have just removed the Onstar module, dont work in Norway anyway... Do I need a RF-KIT, is it not possible to use 3xLock on remote?
Out of the box, in order for 3xlock to work, the module needs to be able to monitor the oem remote on the vehicle databus. This is not a feature that we have available on that vehicle.


That said, the EVO-ONE is 3 units in one. A remote starter, alarm and a bypass module. If the remote starter portion is flashed to firmware 0.82, it will make it so that middle pin of the shock sensor port becomes a (-)trigger input. 3 negative pulses to that input would start and stop the vehicle. You would have to locate the vehicles (+)door lock motor circuit, convert it to a negative pulse and wire it to the middle of the shock sensor port. That's fine for remote start, but note that you would not be able to use the alarm portion of the unit as you would have no way of arming or disarming the system.


Also keep in mind that the range of the oem remote on GMs in those years can be be quite low.
Thank you again for the help. I will try the option with flash firmware and wiring to the middle pin. I only want to start the car when its cold outside home or work in the winter. The range is good enough for that use, and only want to have one remote. I also dont need the alarm on a old car in a small town :)
I,ll put up a set to Mr Frank