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Evo all (remote start-x) not pairing with ASCL-6

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I recently purchased the start-x remote on amazon for my 2018 toyota sienna xle pts. I installed it with the harness supplied and it works great. I hit the lock button 3 times and it starts. 
I have been trying to add the smart phone ASCL6 module but as of yet have been unable to get it to work. 
I have flashed the start-x mudule to Fortin 2, and am using the supplied harness that came with the start-x for the rf accessory. The harness that comes with the ASCL6 does not fit. 
The ASCL6 powers up fine, and the app seems to be working correctly. The problem comes when I try to "learn" the ascl6 to the start-x remote. Upon power up, I wait for red and blue and release the button. I then hold it in for 5 seconds and it flashes. Then, I cycle the ignition to "on" - this is where the instructions say the module shoudl flash blue and red indicating the module is now "learned".  However, all I get is red/yellow/blue solid. I have also tried sending a lock signal from the ASCL-6 but no luck while in the learnign mode. 
asked 3 weeks ago in Toyota by Timothy Plante (130 points)

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Make sure the remote start setting in the app is set to fortin.


Other than that, the xable is not right if you still get no blink.


Typically the ascl6 has a cable labelled HRN-001. Something like that. Thats the cable you need. Startx may be packaging a little different so i suggest contacting them.
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (235,820 points)
Might want to take a look at the voxx guide.

i ended up having to use 2 harnesses, one that came with the telematic and the Ed accessory harness that came with the start-c.

Start-x tech support helped me (And on a Sunday, that's impressive).

problem solved!