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remote not working with box

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I have a 2019 nissan frontier,  use evo-one and guide 79451, t-harness niss2.the box goes thu the steps when programming(all lights come on and flash) then says programmed.then programming remote transmitter(rf642w)with ignition switch,all lights come on and flash like they are programming, but nothing works.when push button on remote blue light flashs then flashs red,and the 2-pin valet programming button will not wrok at all...thanks for all your help

asked Jul 4 in Nissan by steven mccormick (230 points)

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A few things to check:

1- Make sure remote isnt locked. (page 7)

2- If vehicle is automatic transmission, make sure you cut the yellow loop. 

3- Try entering and exiting valet mode:


Also, when you send start, does the led's on the module react at all? Does lock/unlock work?

What is the service number to the unit? This can be found on the back of the evo. 

answered Jul 6 by Derek (182,240 points)
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antenna plugs into blue port. Make sure to follow evo-one remote programming and not the evoall programming. See other comment for proper guide
answered Jul 6 by Robb (236,330 points)