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EVO one on 07 Tacoma and Fortin RF641W RF Remote Kit

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I installed the rf remote according to the instrucions siclucing the t-harnes which is not applicable to my application. In the RF remote box there were instrucions on how to connect the antenna to the EVO- All but nothing about the EVO-one. The only place that the black 4-pin data connector for the antenna kit plugs into the same one as the flash link. Is this correct? 

When ateempting to follow the instrucions for programming i get to step 5 where you press the botton for the blue and red lights to come on. then when I inseret the keys nothing happens. the yellow light never comes on and the antenna never flashes. i have double checked the wires and nothing seems to be out of place?

asked Oct 4, 2019 in Toyota by Colin McCreary (240 points)

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the blue connector from the antenna plugs into the blue 4 pin port on the evo one. If you have the y adapter remove it you do not need it with an evo-one. 


Also those are the instuctions for programming remotes to an EVO-ALL. Not evo-one. 


Here is the proper pairing instructions for evo-one:

answered Oct 4, 2019 by Derek (182,240 points)
I see now  but on this step of programing the remote

Ignition ON. Press and hold the valet switch or the antenna button until the Parking lights turn ON, the horn/siren will chirp.


WHat is the Valet switch? or the antenna button?