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2012 G37x won't remote start unless factory fob is present in vehicle.

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G37 is automatic and push-to-start. I have installed the T-harness and programmed the Evo successfully multiple times. I tried different options with the Flash link updater as well.

While monitoring the Evo's LEDs, I can see the blue LED flash with each lock press. After the third press the red LED comes on for a second and the brake lights come on. Red LED flashes a few more times like it's trying to start but to no avail. It repeats this process for 2 or three times I think.

If I hit lock x3 while the key fob is in the vehicle, it starts right up.

I have double checked all my connections. Considering that it's a T-harness, this shouldn't be an issue.
asked Oct 1, 2019 in Infiniti by Koo Tran (130 points)

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What is the service number or S/N  to the module?
answered Oct 1, 2019 by Derek (182,240 points)

Not sure how you are going about selecting it. All i did was go to your car on our website and click the stand alone guide...

Yes, exactly what I did. Then I clicked on Troubleshooting Guides tab, and the guides available to me there were not the same as you pulled up. The guide you linked me specifies EX35.
You should be selecting the guide when you select the vehicle. Not the troubleshooting guides as they are not always update to date or vehicle specific.
Connected the purple/yellow to the Issue still persists, key fob needs to be in vehicle to remote start.
Please call tech support for furhter troubleshooting when you have the vehicle and module in hand.




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