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What do I need for this evo one to work!

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Do I need an RF kit in order for me to program(my evo one all in one) to my car? Can not get pass step 3, did everyrthing as instructed my can bus is connected,program the module lots of time..So im guessing in order me to get pass step 3 i need a RF kit right? My dcryptor never worked ever since i had this module. PLEASE HELP!!!

S.N=002B04 013259
asked Sep 29, 2019 in Infiniti by Kevin Lay (390 points)

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3x lock from the OEM fob is not supported on this vehicle, as listed on our website an rf kit is required:


However, you should still be able to program the unit in the vehicle regardless of having an rf kit or not. I know we spoke in the previous thread. 


At this point I suggest calling us so we can troubleshoot the issue live. Please have a multimeter available if we need to perform in vehicle testing. 




8-6 EST. 

answered Sep 30, 2019 by Derek (182,240 points)
Thanks! Can you walk me through the whole procedure from programming and flashing, also the dcryting steps. I am currently stuck on step 4 awaiting for the rapid blue lights.
Absolutely, please call us as mentioned above.
Hey Derek, can you tell me how to get past step 4 where the blue light needs to flash, I can't seem to get pass that for weeks now. Much thanks!
If blue led stays on, module is not detecting ignition.

If blue led turns off but does not flash, module is not detecting CAN


As Derek said though, just call.