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Negative start wire is n/a to a toyota highlander 2003. Would it affect the evo one module function?

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Module already programmed but wont start
asked Sep 29, 2019 in Toyota by Emmanuel Padsican (450 points)

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The 03 highlander key model does not have a negative start wire.


How are you trying to remote start the vehicle? With a rf kit or oem remote?
answered Sep 30, 2019 by Derek (182,240 points)
Oem remote. I programmed the harness with 2.4 and also wired the harness through its program. were do i connect the negative ignition and negative starter.
I just hear ticking sound from relay somewhere in my fuse box.
Additional as if the module is not powering up but already programmed the key first time i installed it

We do not list 3x lock for that vehicle. 


RF kit required as stated on our website:

Okay tnx derek. I got complicated but yeah i see it. Thanks
How will many relay will i use if i connect the start (-) and starter kill wire on a evo one . They go to 85 side of the relay i know but need to know how to exactly wire them up.