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Tacoma 2016 hkey won't remote start "brake on"viper

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I have a evo all working with a viper 5906v remote start.

programming worked for the module but when I press remote start on the viper remote. It says "brake on" as of the brake pedal is depressed.
asked Aug 29, 2016 in Toyota by Julius Naranjo (130 points)

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How are you connected between the evo-all and the viper unit? if in datalink , please verify that both unit are in the same datalink protocol, if yes, and problem persists, then go in the evo-all options, turn off option A7 and test again, if this fixes issue, on possible solution is to hardwire the viper's brake input wire to the vehicle directly.


Another test to do is, with a voltmeter, please test the black wire in the 20 pin connector, this is the analog brake output wire, there should only be voltage on this wire when the vehicle is ON and brake pedal depressed, this test will show if we are detecting the brake wire properly, remote start the vehicle and keep an eye on the voltmeter to see if voltage is sent before remote starting.
answered Aug 29, 2016 by Rico (54,260 points)
I have had some DEI units do this when initially trying to remote start (reporting brake shutdown when hooked up D2D) not sure if you may have tried this: turn the ignition on (or starting the vehicle) depressing the brake pedeal for a few seconds then releasing and shutting ignition off, this seems to reset the brake status of the viper