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Will brake status work with truck off and no previous activity?

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I will be installing the Advanced Keys Push to Start module in my 2008 GMC Sierra truck, and was reviewing different bypass/combo solutions to use with it. 

It looks like the EVO-ALL does the brake status by monitoring the CAN bus. Will the brake status work with truck off and no previous activity (i.e. no recent door unlock)? I need it to work because you must press the brake in order to push to start. However, the Advanced Keys people claim that a firmware update to the EVO-ALL stopped this from working while off:

But then a Fortin rep said it still works, so I was wondering if anyone knew the definitive answer. Thanks!

asked May 6, 2016 in GMC by timmerk (950 points)

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Brake status only function when the ignition is in the on position.

When the brake lights turn on with ignition off, the codes often times are not sent on the can-bus...
answered May 6, 2016 by Derek (180,040 points)