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2012 Honda Civic - Tachometer setting, OEM X3 Lock, and Brake

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EVO-ONE with T-Harness installation

For the tachometer setting when I select Tach Data-Link only (20.6) or Tachless on crank and supervision by Tach Data-Link (20.1), the car shuts off after 2-3 seconds after the engine starts. However, when I set Tachless only (20.2) the engine stays on.  Is it okay with selecting Tachless only setting?  I thought it's better for evo to continue monitoring the tachometer.

With the Tachless only setting, I started the car with OEM remote X3 Lock feature.  When I pressed UNLOCK (with the original key for programming the module) to get in the car it wouldn't open the door. I already made some connections with Yello/green(D1) and yellow/red(D3) to make my oem remote to be operable when engine is running. Is there anything i can do to diagnose this? I did the continuity test on the wires and it was fine.

When I set down on the car and stepped on the brake pedal, it didn't shut off the engine although I enabled the feature through the flash link.  Do I need to wire something extra?  I know where is the foot-brake line in the car, I just don't know where I can connect it to on EVO-One.

And when i tried to start the car with my key, it wouldn't start the engine.  Now i can only start the car with my remote.

Any solutions?

asked Jan 31, 2016 in Honda by Sang Kim (330 points)
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You have to cut the yellow wire between the connector going to the transponder ring and the actual T junction in the harness.

This is why your tachometer and footbrake doesn't work properly.

EVOONE should be programmed to option 20 mode 6
answered Feb 1, 2016 by Sang Kim (85,110 points)
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I was went through the wires again and found out that I cut the female side of the harness, not male.  And it works perfectly with option 20 mode 6 now.

Thanks a lot!