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EVO ONE Park Lights Flash Everytime Brake Pedal is Depressed While Engine is Running and E Brake is Disengaged

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EVO-ONE w/ CHR5 THAR on a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Standard Transmission. Remote starter and ready mode functions all work great, however the EVO-ONE "clicks" 3 times and park lights flash right after the brake pedal is depressed while the engine is running and the parking brake is off/disengaged. (This does not occur when the parking brake is up or engaged). What what should we do to so that this doesn't happen. The customer is annoyed that it does this while driving.
asked May 3, 2015 in Remote Starters by Grease Monkey Tuners (1,110 points)

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Can you please provide us with your service number? So we can verify the options that are currently selected in your unit.


What it sounds like is that the Evo-One is trying to go into Ready mode everytime the brake pedal is being pressed eventhough the parking brake is disengaged.
answered May 4, 2015 by Rico (54,260 points)
selected May 6, 2015 by Robb
good catch Mathieu, hated using MS Paint so much I connected to the wrong wire.


It's fixed now.
Thanks for your help on this fellas... Now, I'll have confidence on what needs to be done and call the customer to come in for the modifications on the EVO-ONE

Now, that the pink wire is getting a an ign signal when the vehicle is running (through a diode)... would the it be the same going into ready mode (there will be no changes on how it goes into ready mode in terms or rewiring and process?)
Reservation mode will stay the same, no worries.

Future hardware updates will have a way around this with a built in diode between the thick pink wire and tiny yellow wire in the 20pin connector. Until then, especially on chrysler/dodge/jeep manual cars, you will need to wire that pink wire as per the diagram Rico did.

Thnaks for your help, the issue has been solved!!! I will keep this diode fix in mind on our next manual transmission installs. btw... the SN of the EVO ONE is 002B05 010391 if you could quickly take a look at other things we've missed.

Looking at your options, the only thing I would turn OFF is option B2 (Data-Link Remote Starter Mode) on the bypass side of the EVO-ONE


You don't need that option to be ON, and by having it on it reconfigures some inputs and outputs, Normally used in certain Stand-Alone evo-ALL  installations, and if need be, it will be written on the guide that B2 needs to be ON.